• Nice ShoesNice Shoes, over 5 years ago

    Your logo doesn't match the aesthetic of your site.

    The animations are nice and they layout works but the logo just jars with it all.

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    • Jeremy Swinnen, over 5 years ago

      Care to elaborate?

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      • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, over 5 years ago

        I like the logo contrast. Everything a little different from the norm, which I like and you did a nice job.

        Regarding Nice Shoes, I see what he/she means. The style of your site is simple and precise. Everything is in visual order and pleasant to the eye. However, your logo, since the A & R is filled in with lack of padding around the your name gives off a rebellious feel. Its not expected. The font inverted that way feels more of organic feel as well. Because of that it creates a contrast in style against the precise style of the rest of the site.

        Oddly Reminds me of

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      • Nice ShoesNice Shoes, over 5 years ago

        Good elaborating Scott.

        Those were my exact thoughts.

        Apologise Jeremy for my unconstructive criticism.

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    • Account deleted over 5 years ago

      exactly what i thought.

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    • Josh Sanders, over 5 years ago

      1) you usually don't create a logo to match a website's aesthetic... usually the logo comes first, then you build out the branding look and feel.

      2) there are no rules whatsoever that your site needs to match perfectly harmonious to a logo... that logo lives in multiple other environments as well:

      • biz cards
      • letterheads
      • invoices
      • social media etc...

      while a site lives in exactly one place... the URL.

      3) It's a terrible practice (and a personal pet peeve of mine) to critique without offering any sort of suggestion(s) for improvement in regards to said critique. The rest of his site is black and white... are you suggesting that he just write out "MATTER" using all white generic sans-serif on all black background simply for the fact that it "matches the aesthetic of the rest of the site"? Do that, and all individuality and uniqueness would be thrown out the window and would ultimately be a weaker branding initiative.

      Would love to see more DN critiques actually give purposeful and useful feedback while including suggestions based on feedback. Otherwise, you're commenting just for the sake of commenting.

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      • Jeremy Swinnen, over 5 years ago

        Thanks for the meaningful comment, Josh.

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      • Nice ShoesNice Shoes, over 5 years ago

        Your first comment sums up my entire point. You build the brand out from the logo. Are you telling me that this website feels like it's born from this logo?

        There have been comments on this thread comparing the logo to Saul Bass.

        Such aesthetic hasn't been followed through.

        You're second point contradicts the your first. You build a brand out from a logo.

        If, in this instance, we say the website is a article of branding - surely it should feel like it's built from the logo.

        Would you build a house with different windows? You wouldn't. You'd look for some sort of synergy. The website and logo do not do this.

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  • Tyler AllenTyler Allen, over 5 years ago

    The aesthetic of the site does not really flow well with the design style's presented in the showcase. I also agree with shoes. You've a minimalistic and metroesq style going on, with a logo representing the design style of Bauhaus.

    More of my preference, but if you're going to display a lot of lite themed designs, design a portfolio to match.

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  • Jeremy Swinnen, over 5 years ago

    My little studio, Matter, turns one today! Figured it's the perfect time for a realign. I've grown a lot over the past few years and, in my opinion, this design really shows that. Very interested in what you guys think!

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    • Gaël PGaël P, over 5 years ago

      quick subjective feedback:

      Overall I liked it, the hover animation on the contact button are very pleasing for some reason.

      • Unless you really (really) want to do more work in real estate, I'd remove one of the two projects (ok I'll name the one: Immo Brown). It just seem like you have less to say about it (only about identity).
      • While looking at individual images I wished they had captions because I couldn't always understand what the page/screen was about.
      • I was looking for the works menu and did't think to click the logo right away.
      • Profile link in profile goes to profile where the profile link goes to… (loop)

      again subjective feedback, test with others

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  • Marcel van Werkhoven, over 5 years ago

    Looks great, however from a content perspective I got confused when I clicked on the Nintendo App. I thought: "Cool you made that app" like the projects before it. But then it said something like: "This app is pretty terrible". I'm like, that's not a very good testimonial.

    I think it would be best to emphasize what you did first: "I redesigned the Nintendo Switch App as a personal project!" as to give the reader an idea of what's it about. Before breaking down why the current one isn't so good (and I agree with you on that ;) )

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