Nested Symbols & Auto-Updating Styleguides (Sketch Freebie)

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Let me present you my new product:

Symbols & Styleguides

As the name suggest: This product is all about Nested symbols and Auto-Updating Styleguides. Since Dashboard UI Kit release I’ve received many emails about lack of symbols in the file. So I created this little beast file full of Inputs, Selects, Dropdown dialogs, Buttons, TextAreas, Multi-item Fields, Calendar View, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Toggle Buttons, Labels, Tabs, Notifications, Social Buttons, Paginations & Progress Bars.

All with ready to use properties in Styleguides to be drag and dropped anytime you want them in the designs!

What’s inside this (massive) Freebie? - 90 Customisable Elements in Symbols (With Infinite Options) - All Resizable Elements - 150 Predefined & Well Named Text Styles (Ready for any typeface you want) - 4 Auto-Updating Styleguides (16 Screens) - Clever Administration to help you style it however you want for the new or current projects! - Branding Colours / Logos symbols - Prepared for Any Typeface you want - Optimized for Sketch (Obviously all in Vectors) And I’m giving away all of this for FREE.

Landing Page: symbols.janlosert.com

Download (Gumroad): gumroad.com/l/hvSQZ