Google doesn't follow their own Material Design Guidelines on new Search Results page.

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There are two designs available right now, the one you can see currently through the desktop chrome browser using a Inspect Responsive view, and the new one that is rolled out for the actual mobile devices.

For the sake of comparison, I'm gonna show the same result page, but in different design versions.

Old Design

Page is easily scannable. It shows the url of the website (source of the information, which allows to confirm if the source is what you trust or not). The background is gray, and the cards are white, giving it a nice little contrast, each item is recognized automatically.

New Design

Everything blurs together. Page is not easily scannable. The background is now white, and the cards are white (Tested with color picker). URL is gone, so now you have to guess the SOURCE of the information you are looking for by reading page's Title.

It does show the breadcrumbs, but honestly, who cares about WHERE the page resides within the website? You're accessing the information ON the website. It's not like you can actually interact and go to the homepage from the Google Search Result page.

If you look into things like Destiny 2, all you see is ads for the whole page. Then Top Stories. Then Related picks. And only then you see the card with the info about the item you were looking for.

What does Google have to say about this?

Let's look at Google Material Official website, the Cards Page. Specifically, at the Feed Reader example:

Material Design Card Usage Page

So we have the example of the previous, old design, yet it's marked as "don't". Here's the reason:

The use of cards here distracts the user from being able to quickly scan. These list items are also not dismissable, so having them on separate cards is confusing.

(Notice the type in the word "dismissible")

It doesn't matter if you're looking at results in Google Now or through Google.com, it displays the same.

I'm asking the Designer News community what do we do about it? I've been asking people around, the all find the new search results confusing.

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