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6 years ago from , Designer, creator & illustrator

Hey guys, I was thinking it could be cool if there was a new little home for us designers to chat and start discussions. At the moment, it seems like lots of the news and community sites for designers and devs are full of lists, external articles and product releases. Don't get me wrong I'm all over that and release some of my side projects on here but that kinda feels like the norm here.

Do you think If there was a place where no product releases, no external articles and no lists etc could even be posted it could become a helpful resource - Just putting it out there.. whatdya think?



  • David SimpsonDavid Simpson, 6 years ago

    I'm starting designmentors.org, which has a different overall mission about helping educate and grow the design market vs. just messaing. However, we are building a messaging system, and group messaging now, and in the future want to be able to offer users the ability to create their own mini-communities which could potentially work for creating your own Q/A and chat area

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  • Austin PaquetteAustin Paquette, 6 years ago

    I think it's a beautiful idea on paper but eventually the line gets blurred and then it turns into the same old song and dance.

    Starting one wouldn't be difficult (hell even creating something bespoke wouldn't be out of the question) but the evolution of what we do is by nature sharing and gaining exposure for the works of art we produce.

    no product releases, no external articles and no lists

    This is hard to enforce those ideals without being heartless. If something like that existed I'd be 100% for it and would definitely contribute, but it would take a hell of a team to make it a notable resource among my moshpit of semi-forgotten resources.

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    • Joel Rosen, 6 years ago

      I hear ya! It would need a solid core team to put their blood and sweat and tears to get it going. The concept I was thinking would be that of an invite only / VIP style of onboarding. This would mean that actually product releases and shared content could be contributed because everyone would know that any members were Invited by another trusted member..

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