Example of a successful Design Sprint?

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I have been working in early stage startups for 7 years. In that time the design sprint methodology has been created. Early stage startups sometimes don't have the 5 days to do a sprint especially if it's not done well...I am trying to see what a successful sprint looks like. Anyone know of any videos online of a recorded workshop that have been useful.


  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, almost 6 years ago

    I participated in Dimensions, and learned a lot from the experience: https://dimensionssprint.withgoogle.com

    I’ve also run sprints previously, but not under that name, and not under an identical structure.

    Early stage startups sometimes don't have the 5 days to do a sprint especially if it's not done well.

    It’s possible to condense them down to a shorter time, if the scope is smaller, or if there’s just no way you can dedicate 5 days to the process.

    I think on smaller teams, sprints have less value, because you’re likely already using a similar process — everyone in the same room, everyone working on similar features, and hopefully everyone talking through everything.

    But, on bigger teams, or when you need to realign to a common goal, I see a lot of value in design sprints. Ultimately, they should be saving time, because they help negate mistakes that cost a lot of time. The process also forces the team to re-examine fundamental concepts that may not be questioned otherwise. I would hope management don’t see a design sprint as a waste, but as an important way to focus.

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  • Giulio MichelonGiulio Michelon, almost 6 years ago

    Here's my experience: https://medium.com/life-in-belka/ive-run-my-first-design-sprint-and-it-s-been-awesome-this-is-what-i-learned-a8392226cfed

    I suspect that the Sprint works well for hard questions, but not as general design tool. Consider what you need and modify it accordingly.

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  • Chris CChris C, almost 6 years ago

    There's a lot of material already out there (books, Medium articles, blog posts videos, etc...) that can be found through a quick Google search. What exactly is missing from the material that you're looking for? Also, what is your definition of success? Is it that you made it out on the other side with a clear, shared vision of whatever thing you're designing? Does success mean running the sprint and checking all the boxes for each milestone in the sprint? Does it mean just completing a sprint? Etc... I think you'll have to provide a bit more color around what you're looking for and define your idea of success because I think that means different things to different people/orgs.

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  • Terry GillespieTerry Gillespie, over 5 years ago

    Have a look through the AJ & Smart website and videos. http://ajsmart.com/

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  • Jacky S, almost 6 years ago


    If you're interested in a podcast, this is great. It's a sprint that was run by the guy who brought the sprint methodology to Google. They collaborated with a startup and the startup founder recorded the process in their podcast.

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  • Amit Das, almost 6 years ago

    Here you go: https://medium.com/urbanclap-design/sprint-how-we-trimmed-our-feature-to-almost-half-in-5-days-6a366edfa3cd

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