How many months will it take Sketch to fix its broken hotkey bug?

over 4 years ago from , Designer @ Fender

I've probably seen over a dozen mentions of hotkeys like measure (option), delete, and nudge breaking for people in Sketch over the last month or longer. I and others have tweeted at the Sketch team only to be met with their usual, canned "check your plugins" response.

The fact that a plugin might even be able to override such crucial and native shortcuts like option, delete, and arrow-keys is a problem for the Sketch team to solve and fix immediately.

My productivity has taken a huge hit. I either have to restart Sketch every 3 minutes, or deal with the bug and nudge things by modifying the X and Y inspector values, right click and use "delete" instead of a hotkey, or do some math with heights and Y-positions to figure out how far elements are apart.

The 3 plugins I use are crucial to doing my work: Craft, Anima (Auto-Layout), and Brand.ai.

The Sketch team has ignored developers in the past when they've released updates to their API (with not a single shred of documentation on the changes) that broke plugins for developers. I had a situation where a custom/private plugin I made for our team was broken for 2 months due to a patch, and I gave up contacting them after tweeting and emailing them 6 times with no response whatsoever.

This is shameful, and making me want to throw in the Sketch towel.