• Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 6 years ago

    Didn't fix the "alt" to measure distance disappearing on me after a while as expected.

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  • Kari Schuss, 6 years ago

    I'm unable to use synced typekit font proxima nova. I'm getting missing font errors. Also other designers on my team cannot open my sketch files. They're getting messaging that they've been created with a newer version, and prompting them to update. They do not want to update, in fear they will lose their synced typekit fonts to use.

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  • Brennan Smith, 6 years ago

    What's the symbol issue? I made the mistake of updating to the latest version.

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  • Zsolt Istvan, 6 years ago

    I haven't experience any issues yet except with symbols

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  • Greg Warner, 6 years ago

    I saw some Symbol issues were mentioned, so I'm holding off temporarily.

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    • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, 6 years ago

      Why does stuff break so much with every update so people have to warn each other? It's a .1 update and even the larger ones don't do much.

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      • Thomas Lowry, 6 years ago

        I agree. I had to email them about issues I am having with Symbol constraints. I waited for .1 and still had issues. I never have faith in upgrading Sketch anymore.

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