• Skyler Hughes, 5 years ago

    Comments seem a little harsh on this....I personally enjoyed the site and thought the TLD is hilarious. Nice work Bradley. The scroll jacking was a little slow for me but overall the site is clean!

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  • Paco Lara, 5 years ago

    No scroll bar, no feedback at all... I can´t understand why "cool sites" hide the scroll bar, but if you do that, at least use a signifier. All the experience has been conditioned by this first and frustrating experience.

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  • stephen fstephen f, 5 years ago

    Nice, you gotta love Pizza!

    My Feedback (take it or leave it):

    I'm not normally a scroll jacking critic but... first time i tried to click "Miscellaneous design & illustrations."it whizzed straight past as i tried to center it on the screen (pretty normal behaviour). Also, on your "normform" you're using required tags on inputs but no default styling to show that it's a required field, probably something you should remedy.

    over all i like. Pizza 4 Life

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    • Bradley Taunt, 5 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated. You're correct about the scroll issue - will look into that.

      As for the default styling for required inputs - you're also correct :P. Thanks!

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  • Bradley Taunt, 5 years ago

    Recently relaunched my personal site under a new brand: Hustle Pizza. Nothing extraordinary but keeping it clean and simple.

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  • peter lipeter li, 5 years ago

    overall, nice clean site. two pieces of feedback:

    the contact page linking to a mailto link threw me off, would have preferred a mailto link within the about section and no contact link. or maybe "email" instead of contact. really annoys me when i get 'tricked' into clicking a mailto.

    also, I would try either removing the grey line and just ensuring that each project has a different bg colour than the surrounding ones, OR keep the grey line and have all the projects with a white bg

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  • Account deleted 5 years ago

    There are two very conflicting design style in one site. The weirdass pizza thing looks extremely minimalist, while the serif font and illustrations down the bottom have a bit of detail, which in turn makes the pizza style animation look cheap and unfinished. I also have no idea what hustle pizza even means. Also when I'm reading the about you section and get to a certain point the scrolljacking takes me down to the bottom of the page so I cant finish what I'm reading. Also you dont even have any work on your website? This is a pretty bad user experience - getting redirected to dribbble. Then at the bottom there is a CTA after people havent really seen your work or anything? Nothing about this site makes sense. Not a fan sorry mate.

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  • Joe Baker, 5 years ago

    Clean, straight forward and simple. I'm not exactly blown away here, but it does the job.

    When implemented correctly, I have no gripe with scroll jacking. Appeared smooth and only when needed. (perhaps it was updated since OP posted).

    Possibly bad UX, if your apposed to scroll bars, at least provide some visual cue. Only has to be subtle.


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  • Julio Marroquin, 5 years ago

    Is it a joke site?

    If not... the scroll is not working like it should. Made me hate the whole site right away.

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  • Ken Em, 5 years ago

    I don't get it.

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