• Adel Ebraheem , over 4 years ago

    Love this! Impressively simple way to keep track of a very easily overlooked mental check. Using the app daily and effectively has truly revealed ways I can enhance my wellness through my daily activities. It has also prompted me to begin looking into my eating/nutrition habits. This is after barely 1 week of using the app. I see this app becoming a daily use app for many people who take the time to truly put effort into using it.

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  • Igor StumbergerIgor Stumberger, over 4 years ago

    Andrew the app looks really great! I've tried it since yesterday and it tracked my workouts, meditation and mood great.

    Some things I've encountered:

    • Sometimes the activity (workout, meditation) is doubled in the feed
    • Sometimes when I scroll the feed, some of the items jump to the left, half way off the screen, and stay there until I restart the app
    • It would be nice if you could edit the mood text in case of a typo or wanting to add something (since you can only add a mood once every hour)

    I'll definitely keep using the app.

    Keep up the good work!

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    • Andrew Nater, over 4 years ago

      Thank you so much for trying it out and providing such excellent feedback. We've encountered some of these issues ourselves and have them on our to-do list. I'm glad you're enjoying the app so far!

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  • Charly Wiliamse, 1 month ago

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  • Dorothy Robinson, 3 months ago

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  • Alex Hazel, over 4 years ago

    Legitimate question here....Are you legally allowed to use Apple's Activity icon in your app?

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  • Andrew Nater, over 4 years ago

    Hello everyone! We've just launched Wellness (beta) for iOS.

    Wellness is a mood and medication tracker that helps you understand your mental health. We're in need of beta testers to help us iron out the details and catch major bugs before releasing in the App Store.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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