Seeking feedback on an article: how to make a moodboard in Milanote (milanote.com)

over 3 years ago from , Co-founder & CEO at Milanote

Hello Designers!

One of the things we've discovered since launching Milanote a few months back is that because it's such an open and freeform tool, lots of people are looking for some guidance on the best way to use it.

We're in the process of putting together some articles to help people get started. The first one has just gone live: 11 Steps to Create Better Moodboards in Milanote.

If you've got 5 minutes to take a look at it I'd love to know what you think! Things like:

  1. Is this sort of guide useful?
  2. Is it pitched at the right level?
  3. Are there any techniques in particular you'd like us to cover next?

Thanks in advance!