• Samuel ṢoṣinaSamuel Ṣoṣina, over 6 years ago

    I do have a question. Why would a junior want to work remotely? Perhaps I have a misconception of what a junior is. These are entry level positions, right?

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    • Paul HermannPaul Hermann, over 6 years ago

      Never understood this also. I am a junior just upgrading from working student to a part time job and I couldn't live without the one-on-one feedback sessions, the personal things between each other. Digital Communication can never give me the same insights on how somebody is feeling about something. I feel that also the soft skills in business, which in my opinion are a fundamental skill to develop when being Junior, cant really be developed working remote. Those exciting presentations in front of the team, meetings with clients, maybe even a heated conversation with a project manager. This is where the craft lays for us as designers. At least I think it does.

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      • fsdgerh wrheherfsdgerh wrheher, over 6 years ago

        I'm a junior designer and working remote because there are no agencies where I live unfortunately. I've been thinking about moving to Seattle or Portland to cut my teeth in the design world because of the exact points you've brought up.

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    • spencer syfrig, over 6 years ago

      I imagine many don't WANT to work remotely but are in situations where they can't move (family, finances, visas, etc..) + can't find local positions.

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      • Sadok Cervantes, over 6 years ago

        Exactly. I'm sorry to say this but usually Americans think the US is the whole world. I can't work in the US because I don't even live there and I can't get a work visa.

        Remote working was the ONLY way for me to 1. have a job 2. get better at design.

        Thank you for creating this for new generations of designers, OP.

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    • Wassim B, over 6 years ago

      For many reasons as mentioned here (family, finances, etc). I was in Tunisia few months ago (I recently moved to France), the amount of young talents, developers and designers out there who are looking for inexistent jobs is incredible. There is like 10 startups in the whole country. The only choice they have is to work remotely.

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      • Samuel ṢoṣinaSamuel Ṣoṣina, over 6 years ago

        I see. I apologise and thanks for explaining. Though now it seems like you've pointed out some other interesting problems perhaps or maybe its just me...

        1. There must be thousands of people who want to get their ideas off the ground in Tunisia. Perhaps a platform for people to connect/find co-founders and talents (designers & developers) in your home country?

        2. How to relocate juniors to others countries where opportunities are vast? Maybe think about how your experience of relocating to France was? Could it have been better?

        Another question. Is this only restricted to Start-ups? if so then why?

        I just feel like being a junior and working remotely is counter-productive to growth. You miss out on all sorts of stuff.

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  • Wassim B, over 6 years ago

    Hi DN! I launched this few days ago. The project was born from the frustrations of trying to find remote jobs that are entry-level.

    I'm looking for constructive feedback on how I can improve this to make life easier for people in same situation.

    I'll circle back and certainly add more jobs & features if this ever get some traction.

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  • John PJohn P, over 6 years ago

    A remote position for a junior isn't going to be a worthwhile endeavour for either the recipient or the provider.

    I'd actually worry about working for any company offering such an absurd thing.

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  • Eliot SlevinEliot Slevin, over 6 years ago

    Nice project, I hope you continue trying to grow this. How long did this take you to build, it looks like a classic fast iteration project (the google forms job submission)

    Probably the most important feature for you to add right now is email collection - a simple 'Email me when new (dev/design/other) jobs are posted" will both help you track growth, and provide a useful feature for visitors.

    The simple aesthetic looks pretty nice :)

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    • Wassim B, over 6 years ago

      Thank you. About a week to get from the idea to an online working app with 1-2 hours of code/day. For now it's just php/html/css. I may add react or vue for front-end later on.

      Email collection is on it's way. I'll make sure to keep things simple & fast!

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