I got a dribbble invite for yall

almost 4 years ago from , Interactive Designer

Hey! I figure most of you are already on there, but if anybody needs it, I have one. Comment with your portfolio and I'll choose someone in a couple days.


  • Beth RBeth R, almost 4 years ago

    I believe that this falls under Unwelcome Stories in the DN Guidelines

    Requests or offers for invites

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  • Kishore SKishore S, almost 4 years ago

    I've been looking to get an invite for quite a long time now.. Many contests that are run on dribbble are just namesakes, they end up giving the invite to people they personally know :( So i gave up on looking for invites.. It's such a pain to join the community..

    That said, your post gave me some confidence.. If i fall into your category of being "worthy", please drop me the invite.

    Portfolio is at www.elitepixels.net and my Dribbble ID is https://dribbble.com/elitepixels

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  • Austin PaquetteAustin Paquette, almost 4 years ago

    Dribbble is such a catch 22 for me. I don't usually get around to posting my work onto a portfolio-like platform.

    But if I had access to post on Dribbble I'd make a point of doing the little bit of extra isolation and polish to post about the work I've done.

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