• Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 6 years ago

    Classic gatekeeping, right here.

    Also, the tools he recommends are either unsupported or in deep beta. Tomorrow I'll write an edgy medium post about why those tools are out of date and we should just allow machine-learning AI to do our jobs.

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    • Brian A.Brian A., 6 years ago

      FWIW, the last tool he recommends—Native Studio—appears to be put out by the company he works for. I'm not saying that it makes his point(s) less valid, but this article is at least partially a plug for a product.

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    • Trev MorrisTrev Morris, 6 years ago

      Please write that post ;)

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  • Jared KrauseJared Krause, 6 years ago

    Yes it is

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  • Trev MorrisTrev Morris, 6 years ago

    I design interfaces in Sketch - both high and low fidelity documents that are either delivered to developers or plugged into invision or marvel and prototype/tested with users, iterated upon etc etc etc.

    In my opinion - that is designing a user experience.

    The tools suggested here are merely alternatives that bridge the gap between myself, a designer, and a developer. They are just as much 'UX design tools' as Sketch. They do however, require my knowledge of code to be much greater than it currently is - which is why I'll stick to using Sketch. It does what I need it to do (and keeps getting better).

    Blatant plug.

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  • Joe Roberto, 6 years ago

    If you think Sketch isan't a UX design tool... you don't know what your doing to begin with.

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  • Hamish TaplinHamish Taplin, 6 years ago

    I agree completely. Sketch is still a "drawing pictures of websites/app" app that offers very little to the actual UX process (prototyping, testing on users, iterating). It's only a UX design tool if you're the sort of person that uses "UI/UX" as a phrase.

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