• Raffaello SanzioRaffaello Sanzio, 6 years ago

    Agree. The value of a product resides in its ability to fulfill a need, and the people who in the end decide whether that is true or not are the people using the product, and not the ones building it.

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  • Justin Jackson, 6 years ago

    Too often, when I'm making something new, I'm thinking about how I feel:

    "I hope my peers like this"


    "I worked so hard on this; it better get a good response"

    But this is the wrong way to think.

    It's not about us.

    It's all about the people we're serving through our design. It's about them. And there's only one reason people use products: to make their lives better.

    When I look at product design through this lens, everything becomes a lot more clear.

    (You can watch the full video here)

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