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  • Michael Wong, almost 6 years ago

    Hey Designers it's Michael here! I just uploaded a new YouTube video on my thoughts on the current state of designer portfolios and how you can potentially improve it, to win more clients.

    I've been a full-time Freelancer for over 3 years now. I've grown my team to 3 full-timers and am sharing my learnings and journey with you all. I work closely with startups from SFO, NYC and Sydney and a few larger corporates including Adobe and Microsoft.

    1. Tell Your Story
    2. Highlight your Strengths
    3. Your Process
    4. Show & Tell
    5. Validation!

    Would love to hear your thoughts :) If you liked this video, hope you to see you Like, Share and Sub :) BTW Since #May1Reboot is coming up.. thought this might be relevant!

    PS. Still very new to this YouTube thing!

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