• Tomas Rolejček, over 4 years ago

    Nice animations, terrible UX. Animations shouldn't keep the user waiting longer than necessary. Little example - if you want to see their works (load site, click works, scroll to first work), it takes 10 seconds.

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  • Dulguun EnkhbatDulguun Enkhbat, over 4 years ago

    Looks too much to me.

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  • Bharani MBharani M, over 4 years ago

    Really smooth animations, but it reminds me a bit of the flash websites from a few years ago :)

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  • Scott de JongeScott de Jonge, over 4 years ago

    Please turn your device.

    Chrome Mac Desktop ~1080px wide. Not the best start.

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  • Oleg SerediucOleg Serediuc, over 4 years ago

    It's too much! Looks like their developer mastered some JS library and got too excited applying his skills all over the site. Don't see much design though, only front end.

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  • Craig RozynskiCraig Rozynski, over 4 years ago


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  • Adam Hayman, over 4 years ago

    Not a big fan. Sure, they're great animations but they serve no purpose at all. They're not providing a little extra joy in my browsing experience. They're just getting in the way and making it take longer for me to go from page to page.

    Feels like they just threw every animation they could think of at it just because they can.

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  • Markus BerghMarkus Bergh, over 4 years ago

    At first sight I liked it, then it starts to get annoying when animations block normal navigation.

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