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almost 6 years ago from , Founder, UIDB.io & LetsCommence.com

Hey DN,

UIDB is a place to find real live examples of any type of UI.

Its different to Dribbble et al. in that every UI shown is a real live example and not just a concept, which means that you can visit, click around and see the context that the UI exists within.

I built UIDB to scratch my own itch. Personally I've always struggled with a few things:

  • finding inspiration for real UI (not only concept work)
  • bookmarking and sharing my favourite examples of UI
  • collaborating with others to create meaningful collections of UI
  • finding examples of UI that aren't easily defined or categorised (e.g. obnoxious modals, dynamic pricing, or multiple select UI)
  • finding actual live examples of open source libraries that have already been implemented online
  • joining up how designers, developers, and marketers all speak and making this searchable. E.g. a designer may say "credit card logos", a developer "payment methods", and a marketer "social proof"

As you can probably tell, UIDB is far from being complete - I have a long roadmap of features that I'm working through (recently moved to HTTPS on HTTP2, and also added autocomplete!).

I'm constantly taking feedback and iterating on the product, so please feel free to ask for features and make suggestions. It's only me working on the project, so things are slow going, but I promise I do listen and respond :-)

Long-term I'm gunning for UIDB to be a thriving community of not only designers, but also product people, marketers, and developers.

If you're looking for inspiration for something specific that is hard to find, then put in a UI Request and I'll help you find examples.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks, Joe


  • Jon MooreJon Moore, almost 6 years ago

    This is outstanding. I'm really looking forward to this growing. I'm ALWAYS trying to recall examples "in the wild" to help clients understand a design pattern, and this will make my life so much easier.

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  • Oleg SerediucOleg Serediuc, almost 6 years ago

    Great start! I always felt the same, that there's a lack of resources that would have real-app UI examples. Like for example Shopify's landing page is nice, but their actual app for managing your online store is quite UI-sexy, and most of designers can't see it since you need to have an account. Same with Intercom, Stripe and so on.

    I'm glad you started this, I'm looking forward to see this resource growing. My suggestion would be to group images by apps, or at least tag them, since currently if i type "Intercom" in search I get nothing, even though you have lots of screenshots of Intercom app.

    Edit: maybe add fav icon too)

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  • Norm Sheeran, almost 6 years ago

    Cool idea

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  • Kyle CaseKyle Case, almost 6 years ago

    Nice work bookmarked

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  • Kayla Ervin, almost 6 years ago

    This is awesome, and something i've been looking for.

    I think in the future it would be great if you could add mobile UIs as well. Also, it would be cool if you could search by website/brand. For example.. you see a screen from etsy that you like and want to see other designs from them, so you either click a tag or search for etsy and see other UIs by them.

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  • Robin RaszkaRobin Raszka, almost 6 years ago

    Hey Joe, here's a little website that might help you with your struggle.

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  • Jordan Coppard, almost 6 years ago

    Search isn't working for me, nothing happens.

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