Ask DN: Would you like to take over Screenings.io?

6 years ago from , Creator at Sidebar

I launched Screenings a couple years ago, but never had time to maintain it. Rather than let it collect virtual dust or delete it altogether, I thought I'd ask here first if anybody would like to take over.

The site was built with an older version of Telescope, so the first task would be updating it to Vulcan. This means basically rebuilding the theme from scratch (Telescope used Blaze, Vulcan now uses React), but it could be a good project for anybody who wants to learn modern JavaScript libraries (React, Redux, GraphQL, etc.).

So you'd basically get a pre-populated database and cool domain name for free to kickstart your new project. If you view this as a learning experience, it could actually be a pretty interesting opportunity!


  • Conlin "Wuz" DurbinConlin "Wuz" Durbin, 6 years ago

    I would also be interested - not sure how you plan to decide who to go with, but I love the idea! I've got a good amount of React experience, so I'd be excited to get in and look at the upgrade.

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  • Nathan GathrightNathan Gathright, 6 years ago

    Hey, this is something I'd be interested in taking over. Right around the same time you launched this, I started playing around with a Disqus Channel that filled the same need, but lost interest after your's launched.

    I've looked into Telescope before, but never really dove in, but the Vulcan.js transition sounds like a good place to start!

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    • Sacha Greif, 6 years ago

      Oh, I didn't even know about Disqus Channels, nice. I'd love to know what you think of Vulcan once you have a chance to look into it. We have a pretty active Slack chatroom you can join.

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