Ask DN: Need advice on prototyping solution for 360-degree photo annotations

4 years ago from , Product Designer

I'm about to start working with a freelance client creating a web-based product that will, among other features, enable its users to create annotations for / within 360-degree photos. (Think Zeplin, but for 3D photos, where users mark a spot within the asset, then writes an annotation which gets displayed either on top of that asset or in a panel alongside it.)

Do you have any suggestions for prototyping these interactions? I know there are some powerful prototyping tools, like Framer, that enable granular manipulation of 3D space, though I haven't worked with any (Flinto has been my go-to for more-traditional mobile & web prototyping in the past year).

Context: Beyond HTML/CSS, my coding skills are pretty weak at the moment. And I worked with Unity a little when I studied game design in college, but it's been a few years.

I also wonder if it might be better to just collaborate with the startup's developer, who is working in Unity, to prototype some of these interactions. That's an option, though if there's a relatively fast and cheap way for me to competently prototype & run tests for these interactions on my own, I want to figure out what that workflow might look like.

Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  • Gaël PGaël P, 4 years ago

    Framer has a VR component that you could start off from.

    I don't know Unity but if you already have some knowledge of it, you might just be better off investing your time in learning it again.

    Either way it's going to take some studying.

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