• Jordan Coppard, 6 years ago

    What's the deal on end-to-end encryption?

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  • Josiah TullisJosiah Tullis, 6 years ago

    Between this, Microsoft Teams, and Slack itself this is definitely a space to watch.

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    • Andrew ChernauskasAndrew Chernauskas, 6 years ago

      I'd keep HipChat in the running as well. It might not have all the polish of the competitors, but it's a straightforward, clean interface.

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  • Andrew C, 6 years ago

    This isn't at all what I want out of Google Hangouts. I initially used it because it was such a simple, lightweight accompaniment to Gmail for business communication. The way the chat popped up from the bottom of the window meant it communicated passively when people wanted to chat quickly without getting in the way. The fact that the new design takes up an entire tab or screen makes it much less useful or usable for that simple use case.

    But, fair enough, perhaps I'm in the minority and that's why they've changed.

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  • Erik Herschend, 6 years ago

    OH shit, when's Slack going to publish another open letter?

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