Most recommended communities for designers?

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Aside from the slack channels, any online communities or forums that every designer should be part of or follow?

(I think the last time this question was asked was two years ago.)


  • Andrew ChinAndrew Chin, over 6 years ago

    For the UXers in the crowd, it wouldn't hurt to have a cursory glance through: UX Stack Exchange (http://ux.stackexchange.com/) from time to time.

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  • spencer syfrig, over 6 years ago

    If only Forrst was still a thing...

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  • Paul ScrivensPaul Scrivens, over 6 years ago

    I'm going to too my own horn here and promote Makers Cabin (https://makerscabin.com). I just relaunched it today with the idea that all of the things I like in the different communities all appear on separate sites.

    So I figured I would create the IKEA of maker communities. I still have a bit to go and there are a ton of things I still want to add (questions, news, gallery, code snippets, social network, etc.).

    I know it will take some time before it gets to the size of any of the other recommended communities but with how many of us are more generalists than just designers or developers I figured it would be cool to have a place that catered to all our needs.

    With that being said there aren't many places you can go to to find great design discussions anymore. Back in the early 2000s you had awesome sites like k10k (http://www.cubancouncil.com/work/project/kaliber-10000) or a couple of the other ones.

    It just seems like once a designer gets enough clients/work they stop participating online and focus on making the paper. I don't blame them, it just sucks.

    dribbble had the potential to be a place for great design discussion but that pretty much ended the 2nd week it left beta.

    As Saijo points out reddit can be decent but it completely depends on the topic and how ornery the crowd is.

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    • Daniel SchutzsmithDaniel Schutzsmith, over 6 years ago

      k10k!!!!! Oh how I remember the days of:

      • Surfstation
      • Newstoday
      • Yayhooray
      • Linkup
      • Shift.jp

      Le sigh.

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      • Paul ScrivensPaul Scrivens, over 6 years ago

        Surfstation and Newstoday were my jam. Loved every time you went to the site they had a jingle...NEEEWS TODAY!

        Whoa just checked and Yayhooray is still ticking! Now if only I could remember my account...

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  • Olivier HeitzOlivier Heitz, over 6 years ago

    I'm running a little Sketch related community: http://sketchtalk.io

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  • Saijo GeorgeSaijo George, over 6 years ago

    on reddit : r/web_design r/webdev


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