What company or tool do you recommend for A/B Testing?

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Hello all,

I've been having some issues with the A/B Testing tool that my company is currently using. While I decide whether or not I want to drop them, I figured I should do some research on the other options out there first. My initial research has informed me that Optimizely and Scenario are among the best, but I'm not sure if they will fit our needs or not.

Obviously we need the capability to create, edit, and generate reports on A/B tests. But we also need the ability to do targeting, click tracking, and we need help doing the more-than-basic tests (custom integration) because our developers are just too overwhelmed to do the code for the A/B tests for us. Session recording or heatmapping would be a great added bonus. Does anyone have experience with a company or tool that excels in these categories?

Due to timezones, preference given to companies in the UK or France (where my company is) who can work with French clients. Since I'm a native English speaker and the primary person who would be interacting with them, I would prefer if they could communicate in English, but if not, French would suffice.


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  • Ryan McCready, over 6 years ago

    Hi Kyle! I work for ZURB and we currently have several different testing solutions that might help you out. We specialize in unmoderated testing and don't provide recordings, but I'm sure we can help you out in all the other areas you've mentioned. To some of your points we track clicks, response time, location info, allow for targetable demographics, and a ton more.

    We're located in CA, USA - but I'd be happy to be flexible on times to get in touch with you. Feel free to reach out to me to chat: ryanm {at} zurb {dot} com.

    Cheers, Ryan

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