My ongoing rant about Apple TV: Finding Rented Movies

almost 5 years ago from , Associate UX Director

I've posted before about my confusion with what Apple is trying to accomplish with the "TV" app on Apple TV. This weekend, a new source of confusion arrived, and either I'm right and there's a huge flaw in Apple TV, or, I'm wrong and it's simply a matter of their cluttered UI and lack of focus on ease of use.

I noticed this weekend that when I rent a movie from Apple, there's nowhere I can go if I've paused and it's timed out, (or if I've stopped watching intentionally within the rental period) to pick up where I left off. There's no "current rentals" queue. There's no "pick up where you left off" feature that shows what I was just watching if it was rented. You can't even double-click to see all your open apps and select the movie that was just playing. The only way I could get back to the movie I was just watching was by searching for it and continuing playing it from there. So strange...

Anyone else experienced this and share the same frustration? Or, am I just completely missing a place within Apple TV where current rentals are listed?