Is there any tool just for automatic payment reminders?

over 6 years ago from , Full-TIme User-Interface Designer

I am looking for a simple tool just for payment reminders. It would be okay if I can't generate invoice or features like that.

Please suggest if you came across any.



  • Michael Ortali, over 6 years ago

    Via Stripe:

    For payment reminders, you can use Stripe. You will have to create a subscription with a plan (at $0).

    When the subscription is about to renew (basically when you want to send a payment reminder), stripe will send a webhook (I believe it will be invoice.created). At this time, you can send the email to your customer. When the customer has paid the bill, just cancel the subscription.

    Via CRM:

    You could also get similar results by setting an automated trigger on Customer.io by setting an attribute on your customer (e.g. "invoice_sent"). Other systems like Intercom support this as well. I believe all those emails, to comply with CAN-SPAM Act, are required to provide an unsubscribe at the bottom.

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