Sort Twitter follows into categories

over 6 years ago from , UI / UX Designer

This is either a question, or an idea, depending on anyone having the answer.

I currently follow around 150 people on Twitter and they fall into one of a few categories - music, food, design agencies, design inspiration etc.

I would really like to be able to tag someone (when I follow them) with a category I have created so that I can sort to view what I want to see. For example, if I wanted to read about food, it shows all of the people I have tagged 'food'.

I have had a good look around and nothing seems to allow sorting in this way. There are Twitter Lists but it is cumbersome to get people on a list and if you follow someone, you then have remember to manually add them. There is also no way to find people who you have not yet put on a list.

Does anyone know of something like this that I could use? If not, would you make use of something like this or am I an edge case?