Recommend any good UI Interaction Design courses online? (Lynda, Skillshare, etc.)

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Howdy! This is my first time posting so I apologize for any rules that may be broken. I am currently looking for any good courses on Lynda or Skillshare that would show me the ropes with UI Interaction Design and Animation. I am very new to the motion design world and will start with any beginners courses for After Effects. I was hoping that in the meantime someone could help point me in the right direction for more advanced courses.

Here is a link to the work I would like to emulate https://medium.muz.li/ui-interactions-of-the-week-61-db6dd7ac9dd5#.5wbxrr46s



  • Chris SlowikChris Slowik, over 6 years ago

    Awesome question! You're not the only one looking for this stuff =] From what I've seen, those are the kind of posts that make people ask how it was done, so that's one of the main areas we're focusing on at designers.how

    We started with an Intro to UI Animation with AE, so that even the uninitiated can get up to speed quickly, and participate in the more advanced lessons. There's also a quick intro on some effects you can use in walkthroughs or logo animations in case you want to get a feel for our style.

    We're expanding on the AE category with more advanced posts and breakdowns of popular UI designs, and posting with regular frequency, multiple times a week. Aiming for a good mix of free/premium courses, so I bet you'll find some content you enjoy!

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  • Ed Penkov, over 6 years ago

    I can recommend courses from https://www.learnsquared.com/ It's directed more to the film or games but i think it give you more broad view and understanding different approaches.

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  • Matt O'DonnellMatt O'Donnell, over 6 years ago

    I just signed up to this earlier today. I start this week so don't have any feedback yet. www.interaction-design.org

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