• Edwin de JonghEdwin de Jongh, 6 years ago

    Pretty sure Wingdings is more readable as a font than this. How do I stop the bleeding from my eyes?

    (Kudos on the effort though, interesting how it was designed)

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  • Jens K., 6 years ago

    I hate to say this, but this is one of the worst typefaces I've seen. Some of David's other typefaces are amazing (love Turnip, Fern & Gimlet), but this one is totally unreadable imho, although you can see it's crafted with care.

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    • Pine WuPine Wu, 6 years ago

      I think we shouldn't criticize it for readability, which is apparently not its design goal. Same reason we shouldn't criticize Helvetica for being unfancy.

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      • Jens K., 6 years ago

        This does not make sense to me at all. Why should we not criticize something that's meant to be read for its readability? A product should not only be criticized on a single aspect (aesthetics in this case).

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        • , 6 years ago

          Thank you for your comments, and for your kind words about my other typefaces! Although it is intentional, I certainly understand that Fit’s relative illegibility is a dealbreaker for most conventional uses of fonts.

          If I compare this typeface to a song, I guess you could say that the “sound” takes precedence over the “lyrics.” I still think it can be usable in specific situations, especially when only a single word or short phrase is being displayed (album covers, posters). Of course, that’s not how it is shown in this demo, and perhaps I should have stressed that more and included examples of how it could realistically be used.

          But yeah, as a highly readable font for extended text, it sucks! ;-)

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        • Jimmy OfisiaJimmy Ofisia, 6 years ago

          As stated in his webpage:

          FIT is a hyper-stylized series of caps designed with one thing in mind: filling up space with maximum impact.

          David only care about that «one thing» this time, so why bother criticizing readability. This product is never meant to be like his other products anyway.

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  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, 6 years ago

    Nice work. I could see a few uses for it.

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  • Peiran TanPeiran Tan, 6 years ago

    You guys didn’t get it. At all.

    This being an OTVar font is the most important thing! You sure could fill the space with any other typeface of your choice, with better legibility or worse. It doesn’t matter. What does matter for this particular one is that IT IS A F---ING OTVAR IMPLEMENTATION!

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  • Eric BlattbergEric Blattberg, 6 years ago

    This font looks like a literal maze

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