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5 years ago from , UI Designer

Do you use designer checklists and if so which ones are the most helpful to you? I would like one to print out and have on my desk.


  • Darian RosebrookDarian Rosebrook, almost 5 years ago

    I may however go through and make a checklist for a design process. I'll bookmark this for later

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  • Darian RosebrookDarian Rosebrook, almost 5 years ago

    I could see that because the design process isn't 100 percent concrete it would be difficult to find one that fits everything.

    In my site, the closest to a checklist I get to is either A Work Flow Process for Creating Better Websites where I task about these

    • Ask a list of questions to understand the brand
    • Establish a proposal based off of questionnaire and content
    • Start Research and Development
    • Utilize my process of quality assurance to ensure the design is the best solution
    • Give a great presentation on the work and decisions and handing over the keys

    Or darianrosebrook.com/process

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