Mac Apps for Recording Screen?

6 years ago from , Senior UX and Product Designer

Hey DN,

Just doing a quick survey of what are your app recommendations for recording your screen and why?



  • Bart Goselink, 6 years ago

    Quicktime for sharing interactions and animations. Lookback for usability testing.

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  • Kadsfasdf LasdfasdfKadsfasdf Lasdfasdf, 6 years ago

    Kap is a great screen capture app https://getkap.co/ also take a look at the ScreenFlow http://www.telestream.net/screenflow/overview.htm too

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    • Tyce Clee, 6 years ago

      Definitely second the ease of use and fun of Kap. Really enjoying it so far!

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    • Tim Debo, 6 years ago

      I like Kap, but at least on my system, any clip longer than 10 seconds strips any audio.

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    • wim roegelswim roegels, 6 years ago

      my 2 cents: I like screenflow - basically, what I dont like is their license model - big version jumps, new payment - but the new featuers ... so I stick with a older version as long as I can.

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  • Wade Garrett, 6 years ago

    Screen recording/creating GIFs couldn't be any easier with http://gifbrewery.com

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  • Eric WittmanEric Wittman, 6 years ago

    Really depends on what you're recording but if it's just quick and easy stuff that requires a talking head, allows the viewer to easily add comments and it's super easy to share, you should check out this new tool: https://www.useloom.com/

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  • pikin sergey, 6 years ago

    screenflow forever!

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  • Atilla TaskiranAtilla Taskiran, 6 years ago

    It depends on what you want to record. I highly recommend Licecap for quick recordings and sharing "small sized" gifs. http://www.cockos.com/licecap/

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  • Dan Ross, 6 years ago

    It's a little costly, but Screenflow is great for just about anything I've needed it for. You can simultaneously record your screen, camera, audio (input and output).

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  • Account deleted 6 years ago

    I like Kap https://getkap.co/

    It is easy to use and beautiful. :)

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  • Claudio Guglieri, 6 years ago

    I've been using Screenflow for years, totally recommend it.

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  • Simone Simone , 6 years ago

    Can't believe nobody uses Screenflick http://www.araelium.com/screenflick — its a less powerful version of Screenflow, but I find it easier for daily use (I also believe its cheaper).

    If you're just recording an internal walkthrough you don't want to spend time editing it. If you're looking to do a more professional product demo Screenflow might be more suitable.

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  • Stephane LagrangeStephane Lagrange, 6 years ago

    I use quicktime to record screen + audio videos. Licecap to record a small portion to create GIFs.

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    • Yilia Yang, almost 5 years ago

      Actually, I show no appreciation to the built-in recording tool on Mac. It cannot record system audio only. When I record video, the system audio as well as external intervention are included in the recording. Now, I am using mac screen and audio recorder. It can work in high efficiency.

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  • Samuel ṢoṣinaSamuel Ṣoṣina, 6 years ago

    I use Quickcast

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  • Janis VegisJanis Vegis, 6 years ago

    Giphy Capture because GIFs!

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  • Alexander Karpowicz, 6 years ago


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  • David G. Trinidad, 6 years ago

    Screenflow, quicktime struggles to record smooth video, and Screenflow have even Apple ProRes support, and build in editing tools are great for quickly export what you really need for your project. Quicktime is way too low quality for me. Recording to 60fps is a must for me, and I usually work with lossless or ProRes files, so, quicktime is a no go for me.

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  • Alexander KäßnerAlexander Käßner, 6 years ago

    For the sake of completeness Claquette is another well designed screen recorder tool.

    I also use ScreenFlow, because of the dedicated editing inside the app.

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    • Thomas Zoechling, 6 years ago

      Hello Alexander, I am the developer of Claquette - Thanks for the mention.

      If someone wants to try out the current version, we offer a time-limited beta here: Claquette Beta

      The main strengths of the app are the simple editing capabilities (crop, trim) and the highly optimized Animated GIF encoder.

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  • Jake Lazaroff, 6 years ago

    Big fan of http://recordit.co. Simple little menu bar app. Exports to gif.

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    • Nav Rao, 6 years ago

      This is great for those short snippets like: "How to upload an image" or "how to turn off your computer". I seem to always have trouble recording the latter.

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  • Nathan NNathan N, 6 years ago

    LICEcap on Windows and Quicktime on Mac.

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  • Suresh SelvarajSuresh Selvaraj, 6 years ago

    I use Camtasia. Most of my recording usage is for tutorials and Camtasia comes with a light weight video editor. Very easy to do quick edits and light animations

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  • Ste GrainerSte Grainer, 6 years ago

    It depends on what you plan to do with the recordings.

    If you want something that will record audio and video, ScreenFlow is a little pricey but pretty great. You can also edit your videos with it.

    If you want to capture animation/interaction as a small gif, then either Licecap or Giphy Capture will work great. FWIW, I switched from Licecap to Giphy Capture (when it was still GifGrabber) because Licecap didn't work well with multiple monitors at one point.

    I recommended them (along with several other great apps) here: https://uxcellence.com/2017/01/10/14-great-mac-design-apps

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  • Max Quinn, 6 years ago

    Quicktime for just recording, Silverback for usability testing (records screen, webcam and audio).

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  • Florian GrauFlorian Grau, 6 years ago

    Screenium, if you want a little bit of editing functionality.

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  • Rachel MerskyRachel Mersky, 6 years ago

    Cloud App is the best! https://www.getcloudapp.com

    It will automatically turn any screen recording you make into a GIF , and upload it to your own server. You can also annotate any screenshots or images you want simply and easily, and organize your files however makes sense to you. It has been a godsend and I use it every single day.

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  • Markus BerghMarkus Bergh, 6 years ago

    I was using QuickCast (http://quickcast.io/) a lot, but now it is no longer available in my App Store. :(

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  • Luca MilanLuca Milan, 6 years ago

    Screenflow! Is also fantastic for user testing :)

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  • Yogesh Bhusara, 6 years ago

    Try TinyTake, it's very good. https://tinytake.com/

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  • Mike ChambersMike Chambers, 6 years ago

    For quick captures, without a lot of customization, quicktime is probably the easiest.

    For more configuration (and my personal go to tool), I would check out IShowU: https://shinywhitebox.com/ishowu

    Finally, if you want to add overlays and graphics (at record time), check out OBS Studio (free and open source). More powerful, but a bit more of a learning curve : https://obsproject.com/

    OBS also gives you the option to stream directly to youtube, facebook, twitch, etc...

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  • Todd SielingTodd Sieling, 6 years ago

    Quicktime for the quick stuff, ScreenFlow for editing and more involved captures. Being able to add effects after the fact is quite nice, though their pricing is a bit aggressive. There's also a real learning curve to it but it does pay off.

    I'll add Mousespose to this list as well. It's not a screen capture app, but the ability to spotlight where your mouse is and other effects on the fly is very nice, and while some screen cap apps can add those effects, I've found nothing as quick and easy as Mousespose.

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  • Zoltán HosszúZoltán Hosszú, 6 years ago

    I mainly use Ustream's Broadcaster app. It records and uploads directly to the net.

    disclaimer: I work for Ustream :)

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  • Andrew SmithAndrew Smith, 6 years ago

    It was great, then it went silent, but now it's back again, I'm a big fan of screeny and how quick it is to have a video done http://www.screenyapp.com/

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  • Chris CarterChris Carter, 6 years ago

    I have gone through many screen recording software. Checkout snagit. http://bit.ly/2jhWYrG it does annotation and screen recording. Its so nice and has never failed me.

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  • Dominik PoradaDominik Porada, 6 years ago

    I use Tapes. Sharing a screencast is super quick with it.

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  • Bastien WilmotteBastien Wilmotte, 6 years ago

    OBS Studio

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  • Vinay ChilukuriVinay Chilukuri, 6 years ago

    GIFox is a nice tool to record the screen. Kap is a free tool which exports the recording in MP4 and GIFs.

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  • Evan BrandEvan Brand, 6 years ago

    Screenmailer is pretty great for sharing quick updates with clients/other people in the office. It uploads the video (pretty quickly) after recording and gives you sharable links!


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  • Account deleted 6 years ago

    I personally use Quicktime when I need to record long videos (or videos with audio). For sharing short videos/animations I usually go with Cloudapp.

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