Struggling with when to push back about workload and responsibilities

over 6 years ago from , No-one at nowhere

I wonder if anyone else has experience with this?

I'm the only designer at a small startup (5 developers), I'm responsible for the experience design, UI design and the front-end development (well the HTML/CSS at least) for a few products.

For a while I've been fine with this set up, I'm a generalist after all, I used to thrive on being involved in multiple parts of the process.

But as we've grown and built some products I'm struggling to maintain the quality of my work, feeling like I'm not doing any one thing particularly well anymore.

I can't decide whether I'm just not coping very well or whether there's good reason to push back and ask our COO to hire someone else to share the workload.

The problem is I would rather focus on UX design and hand over the front-end responsibility to someone else but from the business point of view it's much easier to find a design consultant that can drop in and out and provide some value rather than find a front-end developer who can dip in and out when we need them to.

It doesn't help that out of our 5 developers, none of them want to get their hands dirty with SCSS :-(