Ask DN: How do you keep the company updated on UX and design?

6 years ago from , Head of product at Shaken.com

I've started working for a company where everyone has a strong sense of ownership over the final product, and a culture of design-by-committee has developed. With some recent UX hires we're trying to adopt a more design and user-led product development process.

We've seeing repeated conversations where stakeholders aren't aware of recent developments, or the reason for things being done in a certain way, and it's causing them frustration. Or, they'll make well-meaning suggestions without being aware of user behaviour or context. We value the engagement and want people to be better informed.

We've got a few ideas but I wanted to know DN's thoughts: What techniques do you like for communicating UX and user learnings to the company? Keeping everyone up to date with the latest goals, attempts, results, etc.