What tool can turn Sketch designs into offline, clickable prototypes?

over 4 years ago from , Product Designer at Bridge for Billions

Does anyone know a way to create a click-through prototype from a Sketch file entirely offline?

I'm looking for

  • workflow that starts in Sketch and results in a clickable prototype that will fit in an email
  • has commenting feature
  • workflow is entirely offline. No uploading and then downloading for offline viewing
  • can be viewed with a majority of computers WITHOUT installing a viewer
  • does not favor target form factor (works just as well for desktop ixd or mobile ixd)
  • enables rapid iterations

Invision, flinto, etc., are great but online-only. Axure is well, not Sketch :P doesn't have commenting like InVision, and also requires an extension when viewed with Chrome. Framer may be a good solution, but requires code even for even the simplest page-to-page transitions and is typically more geared toward mobile design. Principle seems cool, but requires a viewer. Correction of my misunderstandings welcome, if any. Thanks!


  • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

    doesn't have commenting like InVision

    A distinctly online tool feature.

    Also – Try Keynote.

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  • Clayton Farr, over 4 years ago

    One option that would meet most of your criteria (doesn't yet support comments), and also afford transitional design, is Mitya.com.

    It can currently import directly from Sketch and the author is actively improving upon it based on user input.

    It has a few smaller UX issues that are still being refined, but it offers the 2 features most others skip - support for any screen size and simple HTML/CSS/JS export (thank god).

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  • Jonas S, over 4 years ago

    Well, You could use Dreamweaver to build a clickable html-based prototype. Insert the images from Sketch, draw hotspots on them. Zip and email the files. Solves almost everything you list.

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  • Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, over 4 years ago

    If you check out Uxtools and check the "sharing" column on the right, that should help.

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  • Louis-André LabadieLouis-André Labadie, over 4 years ago

    All of this together is a tall order – you can use Invision and download offline, stand-alone versions of your prototypes, they don't require any special viewer.

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  • S kaplun, over 4 years ago
    • Most tools have an image upload option - some do it with a specialized plugin, others have image elements and you just upload to them.

    • Do you consider a browser a viewer? :)

    try ux-app.com, it is browser based(so not offline), but you can comment and respond to comments & share prototypes with link

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  • Laurens SpangenbergLaurens Spangenberg, over 4 years ago

    Try Keynote.

    I can't verify if this is still the case (I'm away from my computer,) however, I remembered that resulting exported PDFs from keynote stay interactive. It's quite simple to add comments to PDFs as well.

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  • Travis Arnold, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

    Have you seen Craft by Invision? It's not as advance as you like, but you can turn Sketch files into prototypes right in the file. However, you do need to request a beta invite.

    If you can, I would highly suggest Adobe XD. It sounds like it fits your use case pretty well. You can generate clickable prototypes and create links and share them whoever you want. It's made my team way more proficient by being able to share and get feedback really fast.

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  • Fraser Deans, over 4 years ago


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  • wim roegelswim roegels, over 4 years ago

    You could use framer and modify the output, that you get a static HTML dump to view in a browser off and online.

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