• Adam MengesAdam Menges, almost 7 years ago

    anyone know who these guys are? not much info on their site.

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    • Wassim B, almost 7 years ago

      The same guys behind Pixa. http://shinyfrog.net

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      • Florian GrauFlorian Grau, almost 7 years ago

        ... which doesn't really make me feel comfortable.

        I was a happy user of both Pixa and Delibar, but development slowed to a crawl or stopped completely: Delibar never received a Retina update and is confirmed EOL ("…not enough buyers!") for multiple years now, but this has not stopped the guys from keep selling it on their own page or including it in paid bundles. Pixa had some bugfixes but stopped receiving notable updates following the argument, that it is feature complete and everything else will come in 2.0 (which has not happened for two years now, probably because of Bear's development).

        I perfectly understand, that a small team needs to focus its ressources on sustaining products, and I guess both Delibar's and Pixa's niches were too small. As a customer, however, I invested not only money but also my time when using the product. After becoming aware that a product's future support is uncertain I'm afraid to keep investing (although at that point the product might still be working as expected).

        Anyway, after those two experiences I'm not ready to trust Shiny Frog with a far more relevant area than bookmarks or visual inspiration, an area, that above all else needs continuity and ongoing support. And when I read in their product announcement

        Bear's future development relies on how much it will be successful and profitable, however we'll do our best to keep it updated, implement new features and respond to every support request in the shortest time possible.

        I feel quite confirmed.

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        • Kamil KhadeyevKamil Khadeyev, almost 7 years ago

          Delibar was such a great app. I stopped using Delicious Bookmarks after Delibar stoped working correctly :-/

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        • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, almost 7 years ago

          I perfectly understand, that a small team needs to focus its resources on sustaining products

          I'm not sure that you do understand. You are complaining that they haven't updated them, and also communicated that Shiny Frog told you that they had a small customer base. How can you expect a company to continue to invest time, and money into something that is continuously losing them money? Indie developers don't have the resources to keep throwing money away.

          I'd like to say that the developers of Bear were VERY active, and involved during the beta. And when I installed, and purchased after launch.. I had a problem and they responded in minutes on Twitter.

          I wouldn't discourage anyone from using Bear. It's a great app, and if people use it and support the developers I can't imagine that development / maintenance won't continue. They went a subscription model equal to one nice meal $14.99 / year and I personally think it's worth it. Bear is now my favorite markdown editor.

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          • Florian GrauFlorian Grau, almost 7 years ago

            Two things:

            1. I'm complaining about the fact, that they still sell a product which they confirmed to me as EOL.

            2. I'm expressing my concern about trusting them with an area of my digital life, that (in my opinion) needs stability, longevity and continuity. I'm not investing any more of my time (switching notes applications), because I wasted time twice in the past when using their products. This is just my experience, unfortunately it was not a good one. When I read in the product announcement (!!) that they will try too keep the lights on, I couldn't help but be reminded of that experience.

            Other than that I agree, that it's a great app (Pixa and Delibar both were great apps) and a nice Markdown editor. Choosing the subscription model is definitely a good choice and a more promising start.

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