Have any design teams moved to Adobe XD?

almost 7 years ago from , Product Designer at Dropbox

I'm curious to hear about any teams that have moved their team over fully to Adobe XD. Anyone doing this yet? What are the struggles?


  • Tim Resudek, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    At PayPal we all moved to Sketch a year or so ago and the changeover was pretty painful. I can't imagine us moving to XD without an INCREDIBLY good reason to do so.

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    • Micah Sivitz, almost 7 years ago

      Agreed. Unless you're starting a new team, XD will have to be 10x better to get teams to move tools again.

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      • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, almost 7 years ago

        One impressive thing is that you can copy directly from Sketch to XD and it's almost a 100% conversion in many cases with everything fully editable. I have a feeling that XD will have Sketch import soon. Which would make any transition easier.

        The buy in for me is the integration of prototyping within the same interface as the design. I'm tempted to do my project in XD just test the overall flow within the app.

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        • Greg Warner, almost 7 years ago

          Given how limited the prototyping is in-app though, I really don't see the benefit or huge time saver of it at this point. I'm sure it will improve, so if they're able to truly marry advanced prototyping with design, I'll see the benefit. Currently I feel like simple web-based collaboration tools like Marvel or InVision still have an edge, and hi-fi prototyping apps of course are worlds apart.

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  • Levon Cross, almost 7 years ago

    Currently still using Sketch + Invision for design/prototyping, Zeplin as developer handoff and principle to mock up interaction & motion.

    The beta release and Adobe's announcements on future features (designer handoff, symbol library, Co-editing, etc.) were exciting. Adobe XD seemed reactionary for the longest while, but now seems to be setting a great foundation for a solid work flow.

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    • Mike AbbotMike Abbot, almost 7 years ago

      Same here. Sketch + Zeplin + Principle is an awesome combo.

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    • Michael Dorian Bach, almost 7 years ago

      This is our exact set of workflow @joy. At the speed we are developing almost of the time all you have time for is a quick flow mockup that Invision is still great all. We also utilizes Invision boards to quickly encapsulate ideas for sharing.

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  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, almost 7 years ago

    So far it's been more of a prototyping tool for me than a serious design tool. We'll see how it evolves.

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  • Michael BrewerMichael Brewer, almost 7 years ago


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  • Fabian Fredholm, almost 7 years ago

    Am I the only one still using good old Illustrator and Photoshop? I don't see any reason to switch to anything else right now...

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  • Martin LabuschinMartin Labuschin, almost 7 years ago

    Trusted Shops is in the process of moving all UX designers to Adobe XD.

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  • Orianne Dodinot, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    I've switch to Adobe XD against photoshop (I know, not the good tool for webdesign). It's fast to learn, took me maybe a day to handle smoothly, but despite some cool features it lacks some of the main ones - specially in the prototype side, impossible to have a fix element for example. I'm not sure it's really worth changing from Sketch now.

    Depending how it will evolve though, it can be a really great tool. It's powerful, clean, have a nice implementation with illustrator / photoshop and that's really handy to have the prototyping side where you design and wireframe. Some cool things are coming : https://blog.uxtools.co/new-adobe-xd-features-from-adobe-max-6affefc372e8#.vtsvv3iq5

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  • Brandon Carson, almost 7 years ago

    Anxious to see how this plays out. Sketch is one of the main reasons I'm sticking with Apple but if XD turns out to be a competitive option on the Windows side I might be tempted to switch.

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    • Michael Dorian Bach, almost 7 years ago

      Sketch is definitely the main Apple lock-in but also the huge array from prototyping tools. Framed, Principle, Origami. Also Windows font rendering makes me sad. :)

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