• Jonathan SimcoeJonathan Simcoe, 7 years ago


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  • Eytan DavidovitsEytan Davidovits, 7 years ago

    Definitely a fan of the new app, some good work in there. The website not as much. The affordance that there is more beneath the fold is hard to see and the background is covered in moving images and blurs making the text hard to read.

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    • Joe Blau, 7 years ago

      I know there are some apps out there, but I actually want to make an app called "Blind" or something like that which gives visual designers a way to hold up their phone and look at a screen the way someone with variable visual imparities would see it.

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      • Austin Knight, 7 years ago

        I love this idea. Perhaps it could work in a similar way to Sim Daltonism? I regularly design with the color blind simulation running on one monitor and the design program itself running on the other.

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  • Justin Reonardy, 7 years ago

    the site is too slow..

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    • Khaled Zuu, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

      Same, lagging on a 13" Macbook Air, the app looks cool though

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  • Jordan LittleJordan Little, 7 years ago

    Can't scroll, video is flashing and dropping frames (on a brand new MBP), and I generally don't know where to go or what to do on the site.

    I'm sure the app is fine, but wtf is this site?

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  • Brooks HassigBrooks Hassig, 7 years ago

    Legible text! For years, Uber's type styles have been way too small. I dig this update if only for the reasonably sized type.

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    • Agnes Be, 7 years ago

      haven't checked the app yet, but on the web the text is super small & hardly readable on all these backgrounds :(

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  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, 7 years ago

    The website is trash. Unusable my Macbook Pro Mid 2015 full equipped and the page is just stuttering like hell. Who does that to their clients? I mean the uber user is not really someone who has a lot of money right?! So nobody has a powerful computer to visit such a site like this sorry. The design and the effects are nice but the stuttering makes the website useless for the most visitors...

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  • Mo BaghdadiMo Baghdadi, 7 years ago

    Where did the pin go!!! Why did they bloody get rid of that!

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  • Robbert EsserRobbert Esser, 7 years ago

    Hmm, not so sure about the new application. Doesn't feel like Uber to me.

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    • Joe Blau, 7 years ago

      Just curious, what does it feel like?

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      • Robbert EsserRobbert Esser, 7 years ago

        Maybe I just need to get used to the new design language. I really loved the “luxury” experience Uber had in their previous application. But I also do understand that Uber choose to be more accessible for everyone and for that reason changed the design.

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  • Andreas Ubbe Dall, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    A little detail that you may not notice if you're American, but they actually did an awesome job of localising the website. It uses places and names that sound natively Danish to me - much better than the standard localised language versions you usually see.

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  • Mike HeitzkeMike Heitzke, 7 years ago

    The app is going to be hard to use with it being all slow and jerky. I'd consider this a pretty serious experience issue.

    Seriously though, looks like they've put in some serious work and it's packed with a lot of interesting functionality. Some of the in-ride stuff feels like a lot but finding good meeting points for riders/drivers is an A+++ idea.

    Also cool to see such a big company iterating quickly. Although, i suppose they have to in order to keep on top of competition.

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  • Loi Hoang, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    Good idea's Uber I'm usually using Uber and I ready like this idea. but site is so hard scroll. very slow for me.

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  • Harish KumarHarish Kumar, 7 years ago

    its works perfectly for me.. nice concept!

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  • Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    I made a prototype a couple of months ago for a Tesla app that allows you to request a self-driving vehicle called the "Model A". This Uber app has a few of concepts and ideas that I also implemented such as context aware cards. I'd love any feedback on the prototype. (this was just a high-school project)


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    • Thomas PalumboThomas Palumbo, 7 years ago

      Cool prototype. If you're looking for feedback I'd say...

      I'd zone in on crucial UI elements and what they are supposed to represent vs. how you are representing them. For example your button doesn't look like a button. A bar across the screen will need more visual affordance to drive home its action if it doesn't look like a traditional button. The cancel button looks disabled too.

      Can my current address already be filled out for my pickup location?

      Why do I have an option to continue to "on trip" shouldn't this be automatic?

      Same for next screen. Also, on trip screen should I be able to change my destination? Because using the same text input to display it makes it seem like I can.

      Just some general feedback man, good work.

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      • Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, 7 years ago

        Hi thanks so much, in regards to the continue button, that was more a limitation of the prototyping software and also me wanting to allow users to properly engage and scroll through the information before continuing. There are a few UI quirks and I agree completely about the button design. Maybe I had too much focus on being minimal and geometric at the cost of functionality and that is definitely a lesson learned. The app needs some polish and maybe making a framer prototype would better express my ideas, not limited to screens and transitions but rather transitions between states and elements. Regardless I still got an A+ ;)

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