Touch bar on a Mac Keyboard or Trackpad?

5 years ago from , Director of Product Design @AccessLoyalty - Founder @MadeUsable & MOKRs

I really like the idea of the Touch Bar. But if you are like me, your MacBook is hooked up to a couple of Cinema Displays during the day on some fancy stand. If that is the case, the Touch Bar would be on all day doing nothing for me. I thought it may be better suited to a Mac Keyboard or Trackpad. Thoughts?

On a Mac Keyboard https://dribbble.com/shots/3056600-Invision-Touch-Bar

On a Magic Trackpad https://dribbble.com/shots/3056814-Invision-Touch-Bar-Track-Pad

I had been using InvisionApp all day on a project, so I used them as the inspiration for the Touch Bar buttons.

(Thanks to SketchAppSources for the Keyboard and Trackpad .sketch files!)

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