• Eric BaeEric Bae, 5 years ago

    Been using CodeKit since v1. Just tried v3 and as soon as it started, it said something like "couldn't start the server" and then there was nothing I could do except force-quitting it. Maybe it's a bit early to try?

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  • Philip LesterPhilip Lester, 5 years ago

    "Come on, baby. I've changed! I'd never hurt you, I swear! Just give me a chance. And 30%.

    The Mac App Store Purveyor of Pain and Sorrow"

    Oh man, these are great.

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  • Philip LesterPhilip Lester, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    "When our engineers switched to CodeKit, our phones just started blowing up...with compliments.

    Samsung Electronics Mobile Campfire Manufacturer"

    Best quote ever

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  • Martijn RuiterMartijn Ruiter, 5 years ago

    Been using it today, looks pretty good. Love the babel features & it seems to be a lot faster!

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  • Jansen Tolle, 5 years ago

    Excellent job on your new website as well

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  • Kris Kim, 5 years ago

    Big fan of this app for 2 years, it was instant upgrade for me. Can't wait to dig into it tonight :)

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  • Connor NorvellConnor Norvell, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    .... The testimonials are, an odd choice. Clearly it's a joke but, why not have real people talking about the app instead of fake testimonials trashing it?

    also anyone else having scrolling spikes or something?

    Side note: I own and love codekit... I will probably be upgrading. I just had never read the testimonials. But they know their target market better than me :)

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  • Alex TebbsAlex Tebbs, 5 years ago

    Any particular reason behind using serifs?

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  • Guy MeyerGuy Meyer, 5 years ago


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