• Ben Blumenfeld, over 5 years ago

    AND CO only uses conversational UI when there’s a clear benefit to the experience. “Sometimes simple lists and clean forms are still the best UI for getting people through workflows,” says Leif. “It’s easy to be seduced by new UI paradigms but forcing everything to happen in tiny chat bubbles can often make an experience rather painful.”

    Hey DN - we interviewed designer founders Leif Abraham and Martin Strutz about their approach to designing AND CO, a service that helps freelancers create invoices, file expenses, track time and manage projects. They broke down some nitty gritty design decisions and shared some mocks so designers everywhere benefit from their learnings. Hope you enjoy.

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    • Kieran RheaumeKieran Rheaume, over 5 years ago

      Interesting stuff. Leif is the man, and it's cool to see what he's doing with AND CO.

      Thanks for sharing Ben

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