Ask DN: how to launch multiple apps at once?

over 6 years ago from , CCO & Co-Founder of Leevia

Hello DN community, is there any easy way to launch multiple apps at once? At work I have a particular set of apps that I use everyday but I don't need them when I am at home. So the ideal scenario would be running a command in Alfred to open all these apps with just one command.


  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, over 6 years ago

    There’s a few ways to do it. Automator, AppleScript and writing a shell script seem like good choices.

    To write a shell script, create a text file that looks like this, and give it a name that ends in “.command” rather than “.txt”.

    open /Applications/Dash.app open /Applications/Tweetbot.app open /Applications/Tower.app

    Then open Terminal, type “chmod +x ”, and drag the text file to the Terminal window and press return to make the script run when you double click it in Finder.

    Or, you could use the Launch Application item in Automator.

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