Need advice on setting up an Icon Font, best practices

7 years ago from , Product Designer @ Match.com

Disclaimers: Not using an icon font isn't an option, and the icons are being created in Glyphs.

I'm not doing this personally, but I think we're going astray. Initially the designer set the icons up to vertically align to the centerpoint between the baseline and cap height (or ascender, not sure)

So the devs bring back their coded version of a screen that's basically a bulleted list with the bullets being icons and it's all staggered, and they don't want to manually adjust each one. So the designer wants to go in and change the vertical centerpoint to perfect for this ONE scenario, but in any other scenario across the entire site & app where the relationship is different, we're going to run into problems again. If the devs are unable or unwilling to adjust each one, our product is going to look like garbage. Not that it doesn't already, but I'm working my ass off to dramatically improve it despite the myriad internal hurdles.

What is the best way to set up and work with an iconfont (using Glyphs)?