What makes a good Creative Strategist?

7 years ago from , Senior UX Designer at realestate.com.au

Really interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on what makes a great Creative Strategist today, and looking forward.

As an evolution of the Creative and Art director role types, what does it mean to focus on the strategy of creativity in a far more fast paced, highly digital, agile world.

Im keen to hear thoughts and stories from agency and in-house perspectives.

What does 'creative strategist' mean to you?


  • Daniel HaimDaniel Haim, 7 years ago

    I would say having the ability to inspire others (designers/developers) and create story boards through presentations. Less connection with the high-level team, more connection with the behind the scene guys.

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  • Rob DeweyRob Dewey, 7 years ago

    Having used the title or some variation of the title off and on since 1998, I'd define it as guiding and informing the work so two things happen: the creative team demonstrably "gets" the business/product/brand strategy, and leadership explicitly honors the creative process and its outcomes.

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    • Ricky Synnot, 7 years ago

      Thats really well articulated Rob, thanks. Do you have any tips on simultaneously informing/enabling/inspiring the creative team, while seeking trust and buy-in from the leadership team?

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      • Rob DeweyRob Dewey, 7 years ago

        Embody your insights as richly as possible - visually, experientially - so that a shared understanding of the opportunity space and a shared vocabulary is developed early on in the process. Richly visual briefs can then help lock those things down. I'm not a big persona guy, but the more richly they're visualized the better too. Video is a great tool for all this work.

        The biggest challenge is typically getting adequate time and resources to invest in this upfront, but the value of aligning things early and often makes it evidently worth it every time. Try to measure that value somehow as you go so you have the data to support requests for time and resources in the future.

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  • Joseph Decker, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    To me, it has a lot in common with other Director roles — such as maintaining a "helicopter" view of all the process/progress, keeping your team(s) at a realistic yet ambitious level, being a inspiration to all around you — even those of other teams.

    I honestly believe that it shouldn't matter wether you're labeled as a Director or not, the above few points should always be pouring out of your inner - innest(?) HA. But yes, we need to be open and collaborative rather than narrowed and "unique".

    I do think that a big difference between for instance a Creative/Art director and a Strategist is that the Strategist has to maintain a level of realism, their work should lie closer to the nature of humans. Whereas the Creative/Art director may be a little more abstract expressive. I also think, that the Creative Strategist is a person who mainly talks, observes, documents and informs/inspires on a high level.

    Note that I have never worked with a Creative Strategist nor have I ever looked into what the role might entail — these are however my thoughts for a Strategist.

    Curious as to what others think/know about this role.

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