• Nedim ArabaciNedim Arabaci, 7 years ago

    whodidthis.io is a social platform that enables people to display their project-based experiences, endorse their each other's skills and follow other talented people.

    Endorsements can be positive or negative (anonymously), so that more concrete ground can be formed.

    In the future, we are planning to include companies, which will make recruitment processes of them more productive. But first, we are trying to build our community.

    We will be very glad, if you take a look and give us some feedbacks. Thanks,

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  • Ziyad BasheerZiyad Basheer, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    Solid concept, the UX is remarkably pleasant (aside from the loading pages), kudos on the design.

    As a developer/designer, IMO the most important consideration is how "reachable" my project is to a user browsing the project listings. E.g. every single project on platform should be 2-3 clicks away from the main navigation, for instance.

    The implementation of the project navigation/browsing mechanism--more specifically, in that the concept of "trending" projects may not be sufficient for maintaining a presence for projects/drawing attention to them if they aren't always reachable for users.

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