• Saurabh M, 7 years ago

    The urge to cmd-w a tab has never been stronger.

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  • Dragan BabicDragan Babic, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    This was fun, loved the work as well.

    I think all the negative criticism here is unjustified. This is not software that needs to be usable within 3 seconds of looking at it, nor it is a website that caters to a wide audience that needs to conform to strict usability guidelines. It encourages exploration and invites you to look around and try stuff.

    It may just be that if you're put off by this, that it speaks more about yourself than the website, actually.

    It's her personal website, and I can only assume that the website either suits their personalities, or is how they want people to perceive them. In both cases it's perfectly fine whether you like or not.

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    • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, 7 years ago

      The problem with the design is that it doesn't communicate information effectively, and utilizes a confusing navigation style. Granted I've seen people praising worse designs on here (interactive scrolling Mario style portfolio anyone?)

      My personal opinion is that while there is nothing wrong with designing something that communicates your personality with it's presentation....you also need to communicate it within an accessible way. Strike a balance.

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  • jj moijj moi, 7 years ago

    loved it, all of it. not every website needs to be accessible nor usable, especially a website for an artist.

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    • Gonçalo MoraisGonçalo Morais, 7 years ago

      Thank you!

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    • Benjamin DautonBenjamin Dauton, 7 years ago

      "not every website needs to be accessible nor usable"


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      • jj moijj moi, 7 years ago

        what are you trying to say?

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        • Benjamin DautonBenjamin Dauton, 7 years ago

          Just what Dragos Lupascu is saying: a website must be usable and accessible or at least "not unusable".

          Guys, the website we are talking about is a portfolio, not a "Claude Monet".

          I'm ok with building houses you can't live in or cars you can't drive if they're built for architecture conventions or car shows.

          And even if it's a website for an artist, nowadays a huge part of a website traffic is mobile and tablet. If it doesn't work on these devices, I quote Dragos Lupascu : it's art used in wrong medium.

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  • Denis RojcykDenis Rojcyk, 7 years ago

    Chasing around menu buttons sure is fun!

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  • Jodi WarrenJodi Warren, 7 years ago

    Another gem from Bong

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  • Dana (dmxt)Dana (dmxt), 7 years ago

    Horizontal scroll works so slow, that I have to drag on scrollbar instead, and as soon as I touched scrollbar, it went back to the beginning. Terrible.

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, 7 years ago
    1. It's ok for a website to not conform to "good" UX.
    2. It's ok for an artist's website to be different.
    3. It's ok to have different opinions to other people.
    4. This website turned my MacBook Pro into a gibbering wreck.
    5. I strongly dislike this website.
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  • Dima Braven, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    Love composition. It's look like Malevich's suprematic compositions, ha-ha

    Image title

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  • Gareth LewisGareth Lewis, 7 years ago

    I used the scroll wheel when viewing the Selfridges page - which had horizontal scrolling. The scrolling was so slow, I didn't actually realise there was any more content at first. I viewed this on my desktop; interested to see how well this works on mobile. Definitely unusual. Can't say I liked it unfortunately.

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  • Rachel MerskyRachel Mersky, 7 years ago

    On desktop, this is a work of art! I really like the originality, and in this case, I think it's just as usable as it needs to be. It shows the playful, innovative and potentially disorienting style of work they create and it does it well.

    The only problem I have is that the mobile site is essentially unusable. The content doesn't fit on the screen, the scrolling is unintuitive and janky, and it all just feels like an afterthought. There needs to be some attention paid to how it displays and works on mobile for it to be truly successful, but I really like where it's going!

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  • Vince LaneVince Lane, 7 years ago

    Love it. Perfectly appropriate for the content.

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  • Robin RaszkaRobin Raszka, 7 years ago


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  • Nic TrentNic Trent, 7 years ago

    Like the animated favicon

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  • Mariana V.Mariana V., 7 years ago

    awesome site :)

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  • John PJohn P, 7 years ago

    Great stuff, love the Selfridges installation.

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