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over 5 years ago from , Partner at Emerson Stone

Hey DN!

The beta signup for Binocs just launched this morning! Have you ever had trouble finding one of your files—trying to remember the name or where you saved it?

Binocs is your own personal search engine. Quickly search for your emails, files, and attachments across multiple cloud services and find results that Dropbox, Gmail and Drive normally miss.

The team at Emerson Stone worked closely with the Binocs founders to design the brand, Mac app, and iOS app. Let us know what you think. We also premiered on Product Hunt this morning and we'd love a vote if you can.

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  • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 5 years ago

    I've been waiting for a service like this that works the way I need it, and have yet to find one.

    Greplin was web based so I never remembered to access it and I would have to manually open a webpage to do so. Then they pivoted to a calendar app and then Apple bought them.

    Cloudo is an Alfred inspired search bar you can download for OSX, but I keep forgetting my shortcut for it and I don't want to have to use 3 different search bar apps with different experiences.

    I hope Binocs learns from their mistakes and ends up succeeding! This is a desperately needed service that strangely doesn't generate much interest.

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