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Has anyone had any luck with freelancing websites that are like Upwork and 99 Designs where freelancers can receive a reasonable fee? I find these sites impossible for people living in high-income economies to find a job that pay a wage that equals the time spent on a project.

Perhaps I need to give up on finding this magical website or spend some time creating re-usable templates, but if anyone has any suggestions for me that would be greatly appreciated!


  • KC H, over 7 years ago

    With 99 designs 98 designers are working and giving their ideas for free (sometimes many more than that). Only one gets paid and the client, many times will take one designers idea they liked and tell the others in the second round to work off that. Essentially, your idea could be used, but you still don't get paid. Stay away from those sites. At least Upwork has you bid on a job and you get paid for your work if chosen by the client. My best advice is to join your local Chamber and start talking to business owners in your community. Talk to some web developers in your community and see if they need your UI design skills. Look into joining a BNI chapter near you and get networking with coders and developers that you can work with. What you have to offer that the online sites don't is a personal relationship with your clients. There are plenty out there that desire this and will pay more for it.

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  • Mark FinnMark Finn, over 7 years ago

    99 Designs is one of the worst sites I've ever come across.

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  • Ben Mulholland, over 7 years ago

    Honestly, I've found some decent gigs with Upwork, but any of these sites take time to build up a portfolio. Once you have a solid work base (and subsequent contact network) under your belt, you can then be a little more secure in your earnings.

    There'll be months where you earn $10,000 and then others where all sources just seem to have dried up, but your portfolio can pretty much influence what you charge, and your client network (if you keep in contact with them) can provide extra work when you can't find any other jobs by yourself.

    Plus, although Upwork takes a cut of your pay, I've seen PLENTY of people try to take their jobs offsite and get screwed over by clients not paying. I'd rather give them a slice for the security; better to be paid 90% than nothing.

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    • Beth RBeth R, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      Hey Ben, Can you send us some links of these "decent gigs" that you speak so highly of?

      I'd rather give them a slice for the security; better to be paid 90% than nothing.

      It's thinking like this that devalues design as a profession.

      Getting paid 90% is NOT better! Every designer should be paid 100% for their time and artwork.

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      • Ben Mulholland, over 7 years ago

        Wow, okay, no need to bite my head off; just throwing in my two cents. I completely agree that everyone should be paid 100% for their time and work; I never said that they shouldn't.

        My point by saying that was sometimes there's decent work on there, but you need to not be careful of bad offers and also people not paying.

        I disagree with you that getting paid 90% "is not better", because (to me, maybe not to others) getting an assured chunk of your fee is more appealing than no such guarantee, which is what some of these sites offer.

        Like I said, getting paid 100% is what should happen, but 90% is preferable to nothing for me.

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        • Beth RBeth R, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

          I don't mean to "Bite your head off" but this is obviously something I feel very strong and passionate about. You never mentioned that getting paid 100% is what should happen so I was responding to the "Better getting paid 90% than nothing" comment.

          I had also asked you for some links or examples of the "decent gigs" you had mentioned in your original comment. Is there anything you that you care to show ? I am very interested in the "quality jobs" that you were paid in full.

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