• David KlawitterDavid Klawitter, over 7 years ago

    Yes! It's about time.

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  • E BensleyE Bensley, over 7 years ago

    I spend a large portion of my day dealing with Jenkins, creating and updating builds, watching the console for errors etc. and up until this point I've found that as a tool it works fantastically for what it is meant to do. Much like a swiss army knife its not necessarily pretty but it does the job well. The new UI looks very attractive from a design point of view but now we'll have to see how well it performs as an every day tool. I'll be downloading the plugin version of this shortly and we'll drop it on our staging / playground Jenkins and see what we can learn!

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  • , over 7 years ago

    I designed Blue Ocean - keen to get your feedback and answer any questions!

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  • Joe Blau, over 7 years ago

    This is awesome. I love Jenkins as a system, but the interface looks extremely dated. I might try and get this up and running at work.

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