• Jon DubielzykJon Dubielzyk, almost 7 years ago

    Great website and nicely executed, though I do wish there was a direct buy button at the end of the "process". I tried clicking the watch at the end in hopes that I would be takes somewhere. Still really nice though :)

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    • Jihye LeeJihye Lee, almost 7 years ago

      I also agree with your opinion. After cliking the watch at the end, I thought "So what?"

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    • Account deleted almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

      Yeah, once you get to the last "faces" step. It kind of fell apart. It's almost like they need to have the case and band selection and then pop a "summary modal" or scroll down to one. There you would see your selection bigger, a description/specs and an order link.

      If they really wanted to still show the different faces, it could be on that final version of the watch. The reality is, it's black/off 90% of the time.

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  • Florian BürgerFlorian Bürger, almost 7 years ago

    It breaks the back gesture on my trackpad.

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  • Joe Crupi, almost 7 years ago

    "These aren't the watches you're looking for..."

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  • Matt WalkerMatt Walker, almost 7 years ago

    What action am I suppose to take at the end?

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  • M. AppelmanM. Appelman, almost 7 years ago

    If you go back to Cases, after selecting a Band, it starts all over again. Weak.

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  • TomTom TomTomTom Tom, almost 7 years ago

    I was expecting "Buy" button at the end.

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  • alec salec s, almost 7 years ago

    If they're not going to give me a simple "buy" feature than what is the point of this? This only showcases how tacky they look.

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