• Kevin BallKevin Ball, 6 years ago

    Nice writeup! There's a ton of good stuff in here, and a great breakdown of some of the value created by Foundation for Emails 2.

    I'd love to hear more about the challenges you ran into that led to this statement: 'A problem might occur when generating personalized newsletters with variables in its content, because it is surely not desirable to build each and every email from pseudo-HTML to its final form.'

    I'm the engineering lead over at ZURB, and I'd like to chase this down further. Given the craziness that is the underlying table-based markup required for responsive emails, we actually do imagine that inky becomes the way that emails become built, top to bottom. One wouldn't imagine writing server-side software in assembly, why should email developers be forced to write those crazy table structures in email?

    That being said, I know that we're not all the way there. We're working on streamlining it, improving inky, and integrating it into various build flows (such as the Rails asset pipeline). If you're running into situations where its not working, we want to hear!

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  • Csaba Kissi, 6 years ago

    I've tried one myself. It's pretty simple to use. One of the best frameworks out there did a great job in email segment.

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  • Glenn McCombGlenn McComb, 6 years ago

    I can't wait to give this a try. I've been using Ink for about 9 months now and I really like the framework. I put together a grunt-based build setup which starts with a simple includes system, allows me to write Sass (using a 3rd party Sassy Ink fork), then finishes up by inlining all CSS.

    On the whole it's been good and saves me heaps of time. The includes are great if you need to create a ton of emails using the same template.

    I've used this system to build emails for Marketo, Active Campaign, Web Central and more. I can't imagine it being that difficult to integrate the necessary tags into the new framework.

    My biggest frustration is building buttons which render consistently in all email clients. Particularly Outlook. Im keen to see how that shakes out and I'm stoked to see that Ink isn't being buried in a dark corner.

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