• Marc Edwards, over 6 years ago

    Jekyll and Middleman seem to be far more popular, but I really, really like Hugo. Very solid and extremely quick — a full build of our ~160 page site is typically less than 200ms. 200ms!

    I did find the documents a little difficult to parse, but the Hugo discussion board more than made up for it, and most topics have been discussed at length.

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  • Oliver PattisonOliver Pattison, 6 years ago

    Hugo looks really interesting. I am very familiar with Jekyll but I would be tempted to try Hugo or Hexo for a future project if I wanted to learn more about a different approach to static sites.

    For comparison, I believe a Jekyll site of that complexity would be about 1-5 seconds depending on complexity and plugins, and whether the new incremental feature is enabled. My own site is around that size and takes around 3 seconds to build. I am not typically bothered about build times as they are fast enough for my purposes.

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