• Victor Ward, over 7 years ago

    What's so notable about the design of this app? Nothing has changed really and the same annoying bugs we've been reporting for each version since the cam was called Dropcam are still exactly there. I've seen the claimed imrovement on connection and pairing in the release notes but nothing changed. Also the web version is still using Flash and puts the most powerful computer fans to shame in under 5 minutes. Not at all remarkable apps and they haven't improved.

    There's nothing great or notable about this app. We had to get a refund after 18 months of Nest Protect, app would send us smoke reports in the middle of the day, making us rush to home to nothing. Sent device back after ignoring the last two alerts. We tried thermostt too but it was reading 4 degrees C above the real temperature. Nest support was saying "it's ok, it's consistent, it happens to everyone and they're fine with it"... we must be the only ones to want a thermostat that it telling us the actual temperature :)

    Overall, very bad experience on very pricey Protect and thermostat, and the app for the cam is annoying to launch, every single night. All of this is nothing new, this os pretty on par with user reports a bit everywhere.

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  • Raphael LoderRaphael Loder, over 7 years ago

    Silence smoke detection alarm at 4:20. Smoke detection

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  • Patrick LoonstraPatrick Loonstra, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Check the steam from the chinese food on the site. Nifty little detail. steam from food

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  • Account deleted over 7 years ago

    Serious question here to the team that built/designed this site (if they see this):

    Why is there fake steam on the top image?

    It's the first thing I saw (distracting), looks super fake, and does nothing to enhance the user's experience. It's almost like it's there, because it could be done... and that's the only reason why.

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